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The bar at CDMX

a Love




artwork of single rose

Bar CDMX is an underground bar tucked away below Downtown LA’s historic Brock & Co. building. Inspired by the freshness of ingredients found in Ciudad de México, our menu highlights bright, SEASONALLY CHANGING DRAFT and CRAFT cocktails with a strong focus on rum and agave spirits, AS WELL AS INFLUENCES FOUND IN MEXICO AND THE CARIBBEAN. This subterranean space reflects earthy old world elements mixed with ornate victorian touches dimly illuminated BY the neon glow of radiant lights and arcade games. Lush plants and captivating art combine to transport you to the heart of Mexico City underground, all while the background resonates with the melodies of Rock En Español

Cocktails and a matchbook on the bar

Some thiNgs are Best lefT to Be DiScoveRed

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